NightRider BluCon with Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre Sensor

Meet James.

He has been living with Type 1 diabetes ever since he was a child, and his nine-year-old son was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as well. James and his son currently use Freestyle Libre sensor to keep track of their glucose readings. The FreeStyle Libre Reader scans the Libre sensor but it’s difficult to remember to carry Reader all the time Hence, James and his son often forget to carry the Libre Reader and end up finger pricking even when they are feeling well.

With NightRider, a bluetooth transmitter for Libre Sensor, this will not be a problem for James or his son. NightRider’s user-friendly mobile application, LinkBluCon, makes the process of checking glucose easy for children and parents as well. The application is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and automatically checks glucose readings every five minutes.

By pairing NightRider with the LinkBluCon app and signing up for Caregiver app FollowBluCon, James will also be able to track his son’s glucose readings. NightRider connects with LinkBluCon which is installed on a patient’s phone and a Caregiver is invited by the patient. The Caregiver must install FollowBluCon to see the patient’s readings in near real-time. Patients can invite any type of Caregiver they’d like to—family, doctors, or caretakers. Because James’ son is only nine-years-old, the FollowBluCon application gives James peace of mind. When he is away from his son, he is able to access his son’s glucose levels remotely with the application*.

*LinkBluCon app and Libre reader use different algorithms so readings might be different. Also, never use LinkBluCon app readings to make any medical decision. When in doubt, always use Libre Reader or finger-prick blood glucose test.


Meet Sharon.

She is an avid swimmer, and has recently been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Her doctor recommends that she wear her Freestyle Libre at all times to keep track of her glucose readings instead of the finger-pricking method. The Freestyle Libre is perfect for her because it has a waterproof sensor, but it’s not ideal to use the Reader to scan the sensor in between her laps as she swims.

That’s where NightRider helps her. NightRider’s new waterproof version gives Sharon a way of accessing glucose reading even in the water, without having to use a scanner. The lightweight sticker placed onto the product provides extra protection so she can stay in water for a longer time and go deeper in the water. Every five minutes, her glucose readings are sent to her smartphone, and are available to her and caregivers for access.

She doesn’t have to alter her daily life in any way. Whether she goes for a quick swim or takes a shower, being diabetic does not change her daily routine because all of her readings will be available for access from her smartphone—no scanning is necessary until she feels a need for that.


Meet Samantha.

Samantha’s mother is diabetic and currently lives with her. She uses Freestyle Libre to keep track of her glucose levels, because the finger-pricking method is painful for her. Because Samantha’s mother is aging, it is difficult for her to remember to scan and check her glucose levels. For that reason, Samantha bought her mother a NightRider which shares her glucose levels every five minutes.

When Samantha is at work, she is able to track her mother’s glucose levels because of the FollowBluCon application. In case of an emergency, Samantha will also be notified if her mother’s glucose levels are too high or too low. This would not be possible with the Freestyle Libre alone, as the NightRider Transmitter sends her glucose readings to the app every 5 minutes, which allows Samantha and caretakers to see it in FollowBluCon app.

Disclaimer: Freestyle libre Sensor is a trademark of Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.
Ambrosia Systems Inc. does not have any Partnership Agreement or any kind of relationship with Abbott Diabetic Care or Abbott Laboratories.
Ambrosia apps and device are not FDA approved. Hence, do not use the glucose readings to take any medical decisions.

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