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Ambrosia Platform

Ambrosia is a secure cloud based ML Platform for Patients, Providers, Payers, Employers, Medical device companies and Developers to visualize actionable data in a unified dashboard to help make smart decisions.


  • Consolidate data from multiple devices, not one portal per app
  • Improved remote communication and coordination between patients and providers
  • Enhanced self-triage—patients do not like going to the doctor
  • Encourage and reinforce positive behavior changes
  • Patients can associate with like sufferers


  • Aggregated, filtered, secured, and actionable patient data to the provider
  • Alerts for abnormality in the patient data
  • Expanded reach of effective health apps
  • Improved patient adherence to the treatment regime
  • Marketplace health app qualification


  • Improved compliance and wellness, reducing cost
  • Optimized care from nurse practitioners, reducing cost
  • Analytics on anonymized data
  • Targeted offers to patients based on interest and need


  • More productive workforce
  • Better cost/benefit analysis of healthcare programs
  • Offer health apps and devices, and encourage use

Health Data Sources/ Device manufacturer/ Pharma companies

  • Common data platform allows data aggregation across devices
  • Data device awareness
  • Analytics developers’ health apps sell more devices
  • Help in drug discovery and cure

Analytics Developers

  • Common platform allows interfacing to all data sources
  • Marketplace for patient health app revenue generation
  • Marketplace health app qualification
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