Ambrosia Global Diabetes Management Service (Sensors included)

USD 99.00/month

How “Diabetes Management Service Plus” Works?

Diabetes and weight management service help users manage their glucose/sugar levels and lose weight. Initially service is available in English and Hindi but soon we will add many more languages.

  • 2 Freestyle* Libre Pro Sensors for free every month (Sensors can be delivered only in India)
  • 10% discount on all Ambrosia products
  • 5% discount on non-Ambrosia products
  • 2 video consultations every month with the diabetes educator
  • Access to health information beyond 30 days
  • Share readings with up to 5 loved ones remotely
  • Access to “Food Insights” beyond 30 days trial period


Here’s what you need to do:

  • Register yourself in the LinkBluCon as a Patient so you could share readings with the diabetes educator(Caregiver)
  • Apply FreeStyle Libre Pro sensor on the upper arm, and activate it
  • You will be able to login to as a Patient with the same credentials as the LinkBluCon app and see all your glucose readings
  • Add  as a caregiver on the LinkBluCon app, so diabetes educator can get the insight into your routine glucose levels and advise you accordingly.
  • Use “Food Image” option in the LinkBluCon app to take the picture of the food and select appropriate meal option like breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks or snack
  • You may also sync your Apple Health or Google Fit account to your LinkBluCon app account from the LinkBluCon app Settings screen, to help caregiver consider your physical activity data too while consulting.
  • Book your consultations according to your availability by writing to us at
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1 review for Ambrosia Global Diabetes Management Service (Sensors included)

  1. Emily James

    I signed up for the service a couple of months ago , this helped me in losing 10 lb in last 4 weeks

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