Waterproof NightRider BluCon

USD 145.00

The flagship product of Ambrosia, BluCon, is a NFC (Near Field Communication) to BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) electronic transmitter. When attached to passive NFC tags like FreeStyle Libre (FSL), Libre US 14 day, Libre 2 (All versions) sensor and FreeStyle Libre Pro sensor,  BluCon transmits glucose readings to a mobile app enabling Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) on the go..

Works with FreeStyle Libre, Libre 2 (All versions), Libre US 14 day and Libre Pro sensors. Also, supports ‘Direct-to-Apple Watch’ so you can use only Apple watch without phone to see glucose readings and share, if your Apple watch has a cellular connection

Both products  work equally well over iPhone, Android phones, iPod and Apple/Android watches.  BluCon  was awarded CE mark in early 2017



Replaceable battery

Fits on top of FSL sensor. Tape/armband required to hold the sensor

Is Waterproof ( IP 67)

Sends reading to mobile app every 5 minutes
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(44 customer reviews)

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44 reviews for Waterproof NightRider BluCon

  1. Girish Jain

    This review is after using Blucon over a year and more. Till now no issue from hardware…. works like day one. App is getting better by times . Food Insight feature in the app is path breaking one…. Understood food and insulin requirements. Because of alarms hardly any hypo episodes.
    Because of Blucon “in range time “ increased and latest HB1c is 6.5.
    No need to carry reader… Blucon can activate the sensor ( best thing ).
    Replaceable 2032 battery is convenient one… available at any watch store..no need to carry charging cord and fear of loosing it.

  2. Lisa Clark (verified owner)

    I am buying my second Waterproof NightRider after using the first for 4 years without any issues. I lost my previous NightRider during swimming. I would suggest to use the Tegaderm tape over it to make sure both FreeStyle Libre sensor and NightRider are safe during swimming. I am very satisfied with my purchase and believe it is an essential part of every FreeStyle Libre sensor. I wish Abbott had given it inplace of their Reader. Several of my friends and co-workers are using it without any issues. They have very consistent quality and best customer support which is essential for any product for medical purpose.

  3. Pamela Jones

    I have been using the Waterproof NightRider BluCon for over 2 years, most times it worked flawlessly., whenever I had any issues customer support was very prompt in resolving the issues. I will rate customer support 10 on a scale of 5. Now I am buying a second as a backup, this product helped me in improving the A1C from 10.2 to 5.5 and staying in range for more than 80% of the times

  4. Rebecca L Murphy

    I have been using the Nightrider for about 9 months. It has been a lifesaver for me. I can set alarms to meet my needs and I love that I can calibrate it and read the calibrated value. It makes my readings on point with my meter. I like being able to live an active life and not have to carry my meter around everywhere and I can leave my iPhone at home and still get readings and alerts on my iwatch. My a1c has gone down drastically since starting the Nightrider with the libre. I highly recommend it!

  5. laura

    Love Bluecon!! i am 2 weeks in and am absolutely thrilled. i have gained serious insight and comfort with cgm. connection is great. love that it sits on top and not adjacent to the sensor like the two other devices. i use the patch over it for extra protection. have had two perfect weeks with the system and couldnt be happier! thank you bluecon and your great staff!!

  6. Grace Earls

    I purchased nightrider in the beginning of 2018 and it is still working without any issues. I bought so many electronic products in last 15 years but this is only the second product after my iPhone which worked for more than 2 years flawlessly. I am buying 5 more devices to give it as a gift to my diabetic friends

  7. Andy Glew (verified owner)

    Great product and awesome customer service. I am using the Waterproof NightRider over 15 months now without any major issues. I had a couple of issues in the app on my iPhone which appeared after I updated iOS on my iPhone but Ambrosia resolved them quickly. Thank you Ambrosia for the great customer service and making our life a bit easier with the NightRider. I am buying my second device to make sure I have a back up in case I lose my device.

  8. Michael Gebhart (verified owner)

    It’s a great product to collect real-time glucose information from FreeStyle Libre sensor. Earlier I used Dexcom G6 but due to change of my insurance I had to switch to Libre sensor. I was skeptical in the beginning as Libre has very limited functionality but my Endocrinologists at Harvard Medical suggested Ambrosia’s BluCon which they use for most of their patients. My experience is also really good about it. I found it to be a lot better than Dexcom G6 system. I like direct to apple feature and food insights option in the LinkBluCon app. All Dexcom users should switch to Libre and NightRider combo and use their LinkBluCon for improving their glucose levels.

  9. Irena Gheorghe (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this product. This saved my life so many times. This product is far better than Dexcom solution which I got from my insurance.

  10. Betty Hastings (verified owner)

    The concept of this device is quite good, I am using it over 18 months and very impressed with the quality and customer service. Will highly recommend this device to every FreeStyle Libre users. This is a life saver

  11. Patricia George (verified owner)

    Recently i bought second NightRider after using the first over 3 years 24×7. Best value for the money. Every FreeStyle Libre users should be using it to convert Libre into a real-time CGM like Dexcom G6. I must say they need to improve their shipping for first class service. They say it may take about 10 days but in my case it took 12 days. Next time will use Express or priority

  12. vinay goyal (verified owner)

    bought Blucon and am very happy with the system as am able to get better controls of high and low , good product

    delivered by Orbeez India and excellent follow up and support by Orbeez

  13. Kevin Cardwell

    Bought a second one had original for about 3 years. Still works but case a bit damaged as i was tough on it 😮

    Customer service feom Sam on web chat was fab. Look forward to receiving my shiny new water proof one. And keeping original as spare as could not be without this now

  14. Amelie George

    Blucon helped me a lot to control my diabetes. With the Linkblucon app I can add my food, medicine, insulin and exercise what I do. I don’t bother whether I scan libre or not, I get my readings on my watch and phone every 5 minutes. The Followblucon app is another unique app. My endo has this app and advises me whenever he gets my high alerts. He also advised this blucon to his other patients. 

  15. Eli Brown

    I’ve been using it for past 1.5 years. Worked great! Bought new version of NightRider to connect it with my Huawei 2 watch without phone. Like their updated BG alarms in updated app. Fast Lo/High alarms are best during sleep. I can get all my old history upto 5 year on http://www.ambrosia.care web platform. Isn’t it amazing?

  16. Tom Johnson (verified owner)

    I am using the nightrider over 3 months now with the apple watch in direct mode without the iphone. It’s working flawlessly.

  17. Jonathan L

    I am using the NightRider over 3 years now, it is helping me keep A1c low. I am also able to use share gluocse readings even without carrying the iPhone. I use the NightRider with the Apple Watch. My T-mobile cellular connection on watch helps in sharing readings with my partner.

  18. James Bartholic

    I bought this device two months back and it works very well. It is amazing as I can connect for heroku app also for utilizing my data for AndroidAPS and Nightscout.

  19. Christo Heuer (verified owner)

    Very happy with the nightrider.
    Purchased about 1 month ago, and since using it, I’ve been able to adjust my glucose levels dramatically.
    Been a tupe1 diabetic for 32 years. Keep up the good work guys!

  20. Pat Nelix (verified owner)

    I am using the nightrider over 26 months now , never had any issues. Recently bought Waterproof to see readings on my apple watch without the phone and using since Nov 2019, great product. Every diabetic should have it, this helps in keeping glucose levels in control. FreeStyle Libre is a good product but nightrider makes it a great product

  21. Juliana Ellis (verified owner)

    I first purchased the nightrider in June 2017 and it’s till working, I got a second waterproof in October 2019 to use for direct connect to apple watch so I could track my son’t gluocse levels when he is at school. Both nightriders are working flawlessly, I use the old one as a backup. Thanks Ambrosia for helping us. Nightrider is life saver for T1D patients.

  22. Jonathan D (verified owner)

    I am using the waterproof nightrider over 3 months, this product changed my life. I am very thankful to Ambrosia and Abbott, for making nightrider and freestyle libre sensor. This combination is helping so many people in managing their diabetes at a very low expense. I was very stressed when last year my insurance Antham stopped paying for my Dexcom G6 and I did not have enough monery to continue using the Dexcom system becuase it is so expensive so I switched to FreeStyle Libre sensor but it was mroe like a flash gluocse monitor then my Endo recommended nightrider, which is reusable small transmitter converts freestyle libre into something better than Dexcom G6. I got real-time continuos glucose monitor wih alarms and information sharing, also can get reading on my apple watch even without the iPhone which is amazing.

  23. Jayaprakash

    I am impressed please tell me how to buy

  24. Luke Shevchenko (verified owner)

    I am using the NightRider over 4 weeks now with US14 day Libre sensor, it is working well. Really impressive customer service. Most times they resolve the issue in a few minutes. I will recommend every Libre sensor user should get a NightRider, it is most cost effective solution to have a real-time CGM. Great product and awesome customer service.
    I requested urgent delivery and selected express shipping becuase I had to travel overseas for 4 weeks and they delivered within 2 days.

  25. Jeff Holden (verified owner)

    I am using the new NightRider and LinkBluCon app with Libre 2 sensor, results are very near to Libre Reader. Now I know my glucose values all the time and whenever in doubt I do fingerstick test. NightRider made my life so easy, all FreeStyle Libre sensor users whould use nightrider, this is a must buy just like with Dexcom sensor you need to get Dexcom transmitter. For 2 years I used older versin of the NightRdier which was also very useful and helped me in improving my A1c from 13 to 7.1

  26. Tony Parker (verified owner)

    I tried waterproof NightRider with US14 day freestyle libre sensor over a few days now and readings are very close to fingerprick values.
    I am able to share readings and receive voice notifications when glucose readings are outside the target range I set on LinkBluCon app. I see NightRider and Libre sensor a better replacement of Dexcom G6

  27. Jerrard

    been using blucon when it was fairly new in the market. I must say it is still alive and working great up to know despite it being subjected to every bumps and fall that you could name of! I have actually refer this product to most of my t1 friends and mums, and im like the ambassador of blucon in our clinic coz they call me to explain to a new t1 mum on how it works! 4 of my friends just bought it. I wish I could get the waterproof one for my son but will need to save up first!

  28. Jéssica Gonçalves

    I bought NightRider in August 2017 and using it with LinkBluCon on iPhone, it never had any issues. Now want to buy Waterproof NightRider which can directly connect to Apple watch.

  29. Lisa Collins

    I am using the new NightRider with Libre 2 sensor over one month now it’s one of my best investment. This made my life so easy. I always use it with Apple watch and don’t need to carry my phone as it can directly connect to Apple Watch.

  30. Jeremy Carounanidy

    Great product!! It added so much value to FreeStyle Libre sensor I was using over 3 year now but never had such a feel. I wish I had knew about it earlier. Abbott should be selling this with the Libre sensors

  31. Alicia Meekma (verified owner)

    I ordered new NightRider in mid July for my 7 years old son after spending more than 215 USD on miaomiao which never worked for me, and received the NightRider within 6 days by DHL Express after I selected Express service. I wanted it to be delivered before our family travel to France. Now, my son is using Libre 2 with direct connection to Apple watch without the phone. Also, tried it with my older Libre sensor for testing, NightRider is working without any issues since last Wednesday. I am getting readings all the time in FollowBluCon app, I wish I could have purchased it earlier and saved the money I wasted on other products.

  32. Mark Rohrer

    Great transmitter! Recently I purchased a new NightRider to use it with Libre 2 sensor, it is working well. Earlier I used older version of NightRider for couple of years that too worked flawlessly, one of the best investment I made. I will highly recommend this product to every FreeStyle Libre users.

  33. Rachel Braun

    I am using Libre 2 with new NightRider for 2 weeks now and very satisfied. One of the best solution I ever had. Earlier I used MiaoMiao which always had bluetooth connection and battery issues, also got rashes on my skin. NightRider is just amazing, good value for the money

  34. Astik Gupta

    Next generation sugar monitoring gadget. Accurate real time readings on my mobile phone!

  35. Manoj Kumar

    I want to buy complete setup i.e. reader,sensor, complete assembly.please guide me how to get.

  36. Manish Agarwal

    I would like to buy this product.

  37. Sandra Parkar

    I am NR user since June 2017, I am still using it with LinkBluCon app and share readings with my husband on FollowBluCon Ambrosia app for caregivers, I am buying waterproof NR now as a back up and will be helpful in swimming.

  38. Nikki Whites

    I am very impressed with the NightRider, using it for more than 16 months now.
    Now I can see readings on my apple watch also, I will highly recommend this product.

  39. Tina starmer

    Using the NightRider since April 2018. Never had any issues working flawlessly. Buying one more as a backup

  40. Paolo Hendricks

    The wonderful product helps us very much with monitoring our little one’s glucose readings over the night.

  41. Clark Dell (verified owner)

    I have purchased from your site before two waterproof nightriders. I just lost my last one that was working.
    I want to purchase two more replacements to make sure I am not of this device.

    I have to tell you, your device has literally saved my life. My A-1 C was at 17.5. After using the freestyle libre and Bluecon night rider, I have been able to monitor my glucose levels in my A-1 C is now down to 7.4. I contribute the improvement in my A1 C because I’ve been able to monitor my glucose better. I honestly believe that every diabetic on the face of the planet should have this set up.

    Keep up the good work, fix your site so I can order or give me a call at the number below and I will place my order over the phone. I really need a replacement as quickly as I can get it.

  42. Azad Chauhan

    Using last 13days its perfect device I was looking for. Every 5min reading help me lot.

  43. Suresh Chaudhary

    Great product using since last six months. Amazing reading are accurate uninterrupted service.

  44. Emet Tauber

    Great product, using since May 2017. Never had any issues! Just bought second as a back up

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