Frequently Asked Questions

[If you are using LinkBluCon app with the NightRider, please note readings from LinkBluCon app might be different than the readings from the Abbott's FreeStyle Libre Reader]

What is BluCon?

BluCon is an electronic device which reads data from any compatible NFC tag and sends data to any Bluetooth enabled device. Some people are confused and misleading others to believe that BluCon is a medical device. BluCon is not a medical device; it is an electronic device which reads data from the Abbott's FreeStyle Libre sensor like many other apps available in the Google Play store and sends that data to a mobile app without making any changes to that data. BluCon can also read many other NFC tags.

Where and how can I buy a BluCon?

We have two types of BluCon, NightRider, and Waterproof NightRider. NightRider is reusable. You can order your BluCon on our website . We are using SONY CR2032 battery in BluCon. In a set of 10 batteries, it costs about $0.50 to $1. Both NightRider and Waterproof NightRider are available for purchase, normally ship within 24 to 72 hours of receiving the order.

When will Ambrosia ship its products?

We ship NightRider or Waterproof NightRider within 72 hours of receiving the order. If you placed an order for Trans Am earlier, you can change that order to NightRider by contacting customer support at contact AT

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged immediately after the order is placed, for the full amount due.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping cost for each order depends on the country and type of the shipping you choose First Class, Priority or Express.

What is your policy on refunds?

If you cancel your order before it's shipped, you will receive a full refund within six weeks (usually it only takes a few days). No money will be refunded once the order is shipped. If the device stops working in the first 12 months you can ship it back to us. After testing, if we find the device is not working and can not be fixed, we will send you a replacement.

My NightRider has disconnected, and I do not know how to reset my BluCon.

Please try the following steps:

  1. Remove the NightRider from all devices using the “forget this device” option in Bluetooth settings of the phone.

  2. Uninstall the apps connected to the NightRider including LinkBluCon, Glimp, Spike, and xDrip

  3. Restart your phone

  4. Make sure location is enabled and Bluetooth is ON

  5. Reinstall the LinkBluCon app and follow the steps listed in the quick reference guide sent with the NightRider

Is there an auto reconnect feature for the iPhone?

If you are away from the phone for an hour and come back in the range, it will auto reconnect. If it has been more than one hour, you should select the option “Reconnect BluCon” and “Scan”. In both cases, you will not need to reset the NightRider. NightRider broadcast its presence every 5 minutes so easy way to reconnect is, if  you received last reading at 8 AM and trying to reconnect at 10:22 AM, wait for 2 minutes once phone will show 10:24 tap on “Scan” button, NightRider will reconnect with a minute.

How can we change the graph setting on Follow BluCon?

Please see Settings screen to make changes to unit of measurements, set notifications, range etc...

I’m having trouble registering myself as a Caregiver in FollowBluCon app.

Please make sure that your email address is different than the patient’s email address in the LinkBluCon app. As of now, both parties cannot not have identical emails for log-in. LinkBluCon app is for patient and it connects to NightRider, while FollowBluCon app is for Caregiver. It’s necessary to have internet connection in both phones for FollowBluCon app to receive readings from LinkBluCon app

How can I turn sound off and use vibrations for notifications in case I am in a meeting?

You can turn off sound notifications for BluCon in the Notifications settings of your device.

How do I sync the application with my smart watch?

Phone app will take care of that, you don’t need to do anything.

Is the BluCon waterproof?

We have two types of NightRider, Waterproof NightRider and non-waterproof NightRider. Waterproof NightRider comes with a few stickers so user can stay in water for any number of hours and go to any depth without worrying about limitations of NightRider waterproofing.

Waterproof NightRider is sent with water-resistant stickers. If applied successfully, the NightRider will be water-resistant and able to connect/send data to your advice.

 How can my parents see my readings when I am away?

If you are using the NightRider with the LinkBluCon app, you can invite parents from the LinkBluCon app “Caregiver” option by entering their name and email address(make sure email is different than the account registered in LinkBluCon app) and inviting them. They can download FollowBluCon app from Google Play store or Apple “App Store” and register with the same email id where you sent the Caregiver invite. Once they will accept your invite on the “Invitation” screen in the FollowBluCon app, they will be able to see readings and Notes every 5 minutes