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MBBS, General Physician, Special Interest in Diabetology

15 Years Experience Overall

Address :

Apollo Spectra Hospitals,

156, Famous Cine Labs, Tardeo Road,

Landmark: Behind Everest Building,



Phone : 098208 30555

Timings & Fees :

Tue – Thu, Sat
11:00 AM – 01:00 PM

Fees : ₹1500


Dr. Bhavik Saglani is a renowned Diabetes Health Physician who has dedicated his career to revolutionizing
diabetes care. With a wealth of experience and expertise, he serves as a consultant in the department of
Diabetology at Apollo Sugar Diabetes Clinics in Tardeo, Kandivali, and Chembur. His journey in the field of
Diabetology began with his graduation, followed by extensive experience gained from prestigious institutions
like P.D Hinduja Hospital and Lilavati Hospital. Dr. Saglani’s commitment to providing personalized,
innovative, and affordable diabetes care sets him apart as a leader in the field.

Early Career and Specialization :

After completing his graduation, Dr. Bhavik Saglani immersed himself in the world of Diabetology and
Endocrinology. He honed his skills while working at the renowned departments of P.D Hinduja Hospital and
Lilavati Hospital for over three years. It was during this time that he recognized the pressing need for
tailored diabetes care solutions.

Specialization in Diabetology :

Dr. Saglani’s passion for Diabetology led him to pursue specialization at Lilavati Hospital. Armed with
in-depth knowledge and a strong foundation, he emerged as a Consulting Diabetologist. Since September 2015, he
has been instrumental in transforming diabetes care at Apollo Sugar Diabetes Clinics in Tardeo, Chembur, and
Kandivali, as well as at Dr. Panikar’s Speciality Care Centre.

Philosophy of Care :

Central to Dr. Bhavik Saglani’s approach is his belief in personalized, innovative, and affordable diabetes
care. He recognizes that each patient faces unique challenges and strives to address them through patient
counseling, motivation, and empowerment, alongside necessary medications. By understanding the individual needs
of his patients, Dr. Saglani ensures comprehensive care that goes beyond mere treatment.

Innovation in Diabetes Care :

Dr. Saglani’s commitment to innovation is evident in his adoption of cutting-edge technologies and treatment
modalities. He stays abreast of the latest advancements in Diabetology to provide his patients with the best
possible care. From continuous glucose monitoring systems to novel medication regimens, Dr. Saglani integrates
innovation seamlessly into his practice.

Empowering Patients :

Empowering patients lies at the core of Dr. Saglani’s practice. He believes that informed patients are better
equipped to manage their condition effectively. Through education, support, and encouragement, he empowers
individuals to take control of their diabetes and lead healthier lives. By fostering a collaborative
relationship with his patients, Dr. Saglani ensures long-term success in managing the disease.

Conclusion :

Dr. Bhavik Saglani’s journey in the field of Diabetology exemplifies dedication, expertise, and compassion. As
a Consulting Diabetologist at Apollo Sugar Diabetes Clinics and Dr. Panikar’s Speciality Care Centre, he
continues to redefine diabetes care through personalized, innovative, and affordable solutions. By prioritizing
patient needs and embracing innovation, Dr. Saglani remains at the forefront of the fight against diabetes,
inspiring hope and transforming lives along the way.

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