Dr. Prabakaran J

MD – Community Medicine, MBBS, General Physician,

Family and Community Medicine Specialist,

Special Interest in Diabetology

21 Years Experience Overall  (13 years as specialist)

Address :

Shashtika Clinio- 2A, Thiruvalluvar Cross Street, Landmark: Near Jayachandran Textiles, Opposite to Kun
Hyundai, Chennai

Shashtika Clinio- No 1/1015, Vadakkapatu Main Road, Landmark: Near Edubba School, Chennai


Phone : 097913 98498

Timings & Fees :

Shashtika Clinio, Pallikaranai, Chennai

Mon – Sat
05:00 PM – 07:00 PM
11:00 AM – 01:00 PM

Fees : ₹350

Shashtika Clinio, Medavakkam, Chennai

Mon – Sat
07:00 PM – 09:00 PM

Fees : ₹250


Dr. Prabakaran J is a distinguished medical professional with a dual specialization in Family and
Community Medicine and Diabetology. With a career spanning over two decades, he has garnered extensive
experience and expertise in these fields, making significant contributions to patient care and community

Educational Qualifications :

Dr. Prabakaran’s medical journey began with his MBBS degree, laying a solid foundation for his career in
medicine. Driven by a passion for public health and community wellbeing, he pursued an MD in Community
Medicine. This advanced degree equipped him with the knowledge and skills necessary to address a broad
spectrum of health issues at the community level, emphasizing preventive medicine and public health

Specializations and Areas of Interest :

General Physician: As a general physician, Dr. Prabakaran J provides comprehensive medical care,
diagnosing and treating a wide range of acute and chronic illnesses. His holistic approach ensures that
patients receive personalized and effective care tailored to their individual needs.

Family and Community Medicine Specialist : Dr. Prabakaran’s expertise in family and community medicine
enables him to focus on the health of individuals within the context of their families and communities.
This specialty involves addressing the social, environmental, and economic factors that influence health,
promoting wellness and disease prevention across populations.

Diabetology : With a special interest in diabetology, Dr. Prabakaran has dedicated a significant part of
his career to managing and treating diabetes. His work in this field involves not only clinical care but
also patient education, lifestyle modification, and preventive measures to manage and mitigate the impact
of diabetes.

Experience and Contributions :

Dr. Prabakaran J’s extensive career, spanning 21 years overall with 13 years as a specialist, highlights
his dedication and commitment to his fields of expertise. His comprehensive approach to family and
community medicine, combined with his focus on diabetology, positions him as a versatile and highly
skilled practitioner.

Clinical Practice : In his clinical practice, Dr. Prabakaran emphasizes a patient-centered approach,
ensuring that each patient receives personalized care that addresses their unique health concerns. His
broad knowledge base and experience allow him to handle a variety of medical conditions effectively.

Community Health Initiatives : Beyond individual patient care, Dr. Prabakaran is actively involved in
community health initiatives. His work often includes public health education, preventive screenings, and
interventions aimed at improving overall community health and reducing the incidence of chronic diseases
such as diabetes.

Patient Education and Advocacy : A significant part of Dr. Prabakaran’s practice involves educating
patients about their health conditions, particularly diabetes. He advocates for lifestyle changes, proper
medication adherence, and regular monitoring to manage and prevent complications associated with diabetes.

Conclusion :

Dr. Prabakaran J’s extensive experience and dual specialization in Family and Community Medicine and
Diabetology make him a valuable asset to both his patients and the broader community. His comprehensive
approach to healthcare, emphasizing preventive medicine, patient education, and community wellbeing,
reflects his dedication to improving health outcomes and enhancing the quality of life for those he
serves. With a career marked by a deep commitment to medical excellence and public health, Dr. Prabakaran
continues to make significant contributions to the field of medicine.

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