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Senior Diabetes & Obesity Educator, Endocrinology & Diabetology,

Diploma In Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition, B.Sc. Home Science.

Experience : 26 years

Address :

Medanta The Medicity- CH Baktawar Singh Rd,

Medicity Islampur Colony, Sector 38,

Gurgaon – 122001, Haryana


Phone : 0124 414 1414

Timings & Fees :

Mon – Sat
10:00 AM – 07:00 PM

Fees : ₹ 649


Introduction :

Sonal Kalra is a highly accomplished Senior Nutritionist and Diabetes Educator, bringing over a decade of
experience to her role at Medanta Gurugram. With a specialized focus on Gestational Diabetes management, weight
management, adolescent health, and Type 1 Diabetes management, she has established herself as a trusted expert
in the field. Sonal’s commitment to promoting healthy lifestyle modifications and preventing chronic diseases
has been evident through her extensive engagement in educational initiatives.

Professional Experience :

Over the course of her career, Sonal Kalra has honed her skills and expertise in nutrition and diabetes
education. Her tenure at Medanta Gurugram has provided her with invaluable experience in delivering
comprehensive care to patients seeking guidance in managing their health and wellness. Sonal’s proficiency in
addressing a wide range of nutritional and diabetic concerns has earned her a reputation as a compassionate and
knowledgeable healthcare provider.

Areas of Specialization :

Sonal’s passion lies in several key areas of nutrition and diabetes management. Her special interests include
Gestational Diabetes management, where she provides personalized support to expectant mothers to ensure optimal
health outcomes for both mother and baby. Additionally, Sonal is deeply committed to weight management, helping
individuals achieve and maintain a healthy weight through evidence-based strategies tailored to their unique
needs. Her expertise also extends to adolescent health and Type 1 Diabetes management, where she plays a
crucial role in empowering young individuals to manage their condition effectively.

Educational Initiatives :

In her efforts to raise awareness about the importance of healthy lifestyle choices, Sonal Kalra has been
actively involved in conducting lectures, workshops, and camps in schools. These initiatives serve as platforms
to educate students about the link between nutrition, physical activity, and the prevention of obesity,
diabetes, hypertension, and other non-communicable diseases. By imparting valuable knowledge and practical
tips, Sonal aims to inspire positive behavior change and empower the younger generation to make informed
decisions about their health.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, Sonal Kalra’s dedication to promoting health and wellness through nutrition and diabetes
education is truly commendable. Through her specialized expertise, compassionate care, and commitment to
community outreach, she has made a significant impact in the lives of many individuals. As she continues to
advocate for healthy lifestyle modifications and disease prevention, Sonal remains a beacon of inspiration in
the field of nutrition and diabetes management.
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