Real-time Continuous Glucose Monitor(rt-CGM/ CGM) Vs Flash Glucose Monitor(FGM**)

Product Functions Ambrosia Real-time

CGM/ rt-CGMAmbrosia Real-time CGM

Others FGM**
Real-time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (rt-CGM), Auto updates Every 5 min
Rt-CGM on Watch, w/o phone
Alarms (Out of range, LO, HI), many alarm options are available
Support for T1 Diabetes and insulin dependent T2D Patients
Remote Monitoring, share glucose readings with family/caregiver
Calibration( to improve accuracy)
Real-time Food insights, see how different foods are impacting sugar/ glucose levels,
SDK for 3rd Parties
Glucose data still available even if not scanned in 8 hours
Glucose Readings Alerts on Smart Ring
Scan glucose sensor with phone to get readings in app**

* RT-CGM/CGM-     Real-time Continuous Glucose Monitor

** FGM-    Flash Glucose Monitor, flash a phone/ reader over the glucose sensor to capture the glucose readings, manual process

***Others Except Ambrosia every other company in India is selling FGM not CGM 

Disclaimer: Freestyle libre Sensor is a trademark of Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.
Ambrosia Systems Inc. does not have any Partnership Agreement or any kind of relationship with Abbott Diabetic Care or Abbott Laboratories.
Ambrosia apps and device are not FDA approved. Hence, do not use the glucose readings to take any medical decisions.

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