Diabetes and Valentine’s Day

Love Month- February is here! Valentine’s Day is round the corner. A special occasion which you want to spend with your special one. Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide. You send gifts, chocolates, teddy bears, roses etc, to your loved ones. Not just limited to sending gifts, you go for outings, go for a romantic date at a lovely place.

But although this holiday can make some people feel left out or want to dig into too many sweets, just remember to try to spend it by valuing the holiday’s true meaning, especially during a pandemic. People with diabetes get worried whether to have chocolates or not. Diabetes is the world’s fastest growing chronic condition with millions of people living with it. As per International Diabetes Federation Tenth Edition 2021, Approximately 537 million adults worldwide are living with diabetes. This is a huge number and hence, people should take care of themselves and regular monitoring is required. So Before eating a chocolate, they may have in mind that it won’t affect their health. Sugar-free and low carb foods are ideal choices to pick on holidays and special occasions.

Also, why worry when you have a nightrider blucon? Food insights option in the linkblucon helps to track the food you eat and how it affects your blood glucose levels.

Devising your own Valentine’s traditions that preserve the romance of the holiday without compromising your loved one’s health. Your celebration can include together-time activities. These will obviously vary from one person to another, but here we share some tips to celebrate Valentine’s day to the fullest and also letting you know the Food insights option in LinkBlucon app can help you to monitor your food affecting your blood glucose levels. 

  • Skip a box of chocolates or candies  and try something homemade – There are tons of recipes available on the web. Try homemade chocolates. Just a few ingredients will be required- use unsweetened cocoa powder. Cocoa butter or coconut oil, stevia or erythritol, coconut milk , vanilla extract and nuts. You can play around these ingredients and make chocolates for your loved ones. 
  • Bake low carb dessert for him/her – Valentine cake or low carb dessert? Sounds Yummm! Get the ingredients required to bake the cake- use low carb flour, cocoa powder, artificial sweetener ,baking powder, eggs, use berries, chocolate chips, vanilla glaze on top of the cake as toppings. Skip eggs if you are vegetarian. 

Here are some dessert easy and delectable recipe ideas to surprise your love, though there are tons of dessert recipes you can get from the web and bake one for you.

  • Diabetic-friendly Chocolate cake 
  • Crustless cheesecake
  • Avocado Banana Chocolate Pudding
  • Strawberry biscuit shortcake
  • Sugar-free Chocolate Raspberry Mousse
  • Plan a dinner date- This Valentine’s Day is the perfect year to make a homemade meal in the comfort of your own home. Cooking up a romantic dinner in your own kitchen is more fun and it will allow you to know exactly what is in the dishes so you can better calculate accurate portions with the help of food insights and  with the correct amount of carbs for your meal plan that day.

Here are some recipes ideas which you can prepare for your diabetic love-

  1. Greek Chickpea, Avocado and Cucumber salad
  2. Broccoli salad
  3. Mashed Cauliflower
  4. Low Carb Zucchini Lasagna
  5. Cauliflower Tacos
  6. Turkey-stuffed Bell Peppers 
  7. Lemon Garlic Salmon
  8. Asparagus and Cheddar stuffed Chicken Breasts
  9. Chicken, mushroom and Parmesan cheese pizza
  10. Broiled Turkey Burgers

And the list has no end, you can make such effortless, appetizing recipes for your dinner date !

Here, you can use the food insights option in LinkBlucon App to add these amazing recipes and have them without guilt! For example- click a picture of what you are going to eat, say chocolates, add it’s ingredients, portion and see how it affects your glucose levels. 

Small Glance at Food Insights Option- One of the most amazing features of Nightrider Blucon. Blucon converts freestyle libre into continuous glucose monitoring and gives readings every 5 minutes to your phone and watch. You can see how a particular meal is affecting your glucose levels in the first 3 hours, this helps you in figuring out which food is affecting your glucose levels and how much. A patient can enter how much amount of carbs per meal to add. They can click the picture of their meal and choose the ingredients and see how their glucose levels changed according to the food.

We love and admire those who are patients with diabetes and have been using our Nightrider BluCon— for husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, siblings and friends. We love that you love us and we sure do appreciate you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Disclaimer: Freestyle libre Sensor is a trademark of Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.
Ambrosia Systems Inc. does not have any Partnership Agreement or any kind of relationship with Abbott Diabetic Care or Abbott Laboratories.
Ambrosia apps and device are not FDA approved. Hence, do not use the glucose readings to take any medical decisions.

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