Waterproof NightRider BluCon

BluCon NightRider, a revolutionary device that transforms any FreeStyle Libre, FreeStyle Libre 2 or FreeStyle Libre Pro sensor into world’s #1 Real-time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (rt-CGM) system. Simply attach BluCon NightRider to your Libre sensor, and it will transmit glucose readings to the LinkBluCon mobile app on your smartphone and smartwatch, providing effortless, on-the-go glucose monitoring.

With BluCon NightRider, you can view glucose readings on your phone and smartwatch without scanning the FreeStyle Libre, FreeStyle Libre 2, FreeStyle Libre US 14 day or FreeStyle Libre Pro sensor, making it easier to track your glucose levels. The reusable device is compatible with all FreeStyle Libre , FreeStyle Libre 2, FreeStyle Libre US 14 day and Libre Pro sensors available in all countries, iPhones, Android phones, iPods, and Apple/Android watches. BluCon NightRider received the CE mark. [Glucose sensors are not included, no prescription is required]


Key Features:

Activates both FreeStyle Libre and Libre Pro sensors

Alarms for out of range readings, HI and LO glucose readings

Remote monitoring

Automatic glucose readings every 5 minutes without sensor scanning 

Real-time glucose data sharing on smartphones and smartwatches

Direct connectivity to Apple Watch or Android Watch with Wear 2 OS after initial setup

Compatible with Fitbit Ionic, Versa 2, and Versa Lite watches

Food Insight feature for glucose tracking and comparison during meals

Log insulin, medication, and exercise information in the LinkBluCon app

Download up to 30 days of data from the app or five years from Ambrosia.care

Integration with Apple Health and Google Fit for a comprehensive health dashboard

In-depth report generation to identify potential issues

Invite up to 5 caregivers to access readings


Replaceable CR2032 battery

Fits on top of FSL sensor. Ambrosia Patch or 3D holder is required to hold the sensor on top of glucose sensor

Is Waterproof ( IP 67)

Sends reading to mobile app every 5 minutes

Disclaimer: Freestyle libre Sensor is a trademark of Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.
Ambrosia Systems Inc. does not have any Partnership Agreement or any kind of relationship with Abbott Diabetic Care or Abbott Laboratories.
Ambrosia apps and device are not FDA approved. Hence, do not use the glucose readings to take any medical decisions.

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