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MBBS, General Physician, Special Interest in Diabetology

18 Years Experience Overall

Address :

Good Hope Diabetes & Thyroid Clinic, 706 Panchshil Plaza, 55 Hughes Road, Gamdevi, Grant Road (W),
Landmark: Behind Dharam Palace, Mumbai

Good Hope Diabetes & Thyroid Clinic, 102, 1st floor , Ashirwad Society ,471/ B Rd Number 33 ,Adenwala Cross Rd,


Phone : 098203 56141

Timings & Fees :

Good Hope Diabetes & Thyroid Clinic, Opera House, Mumbai

Mon, Wed, Fri
03:00 PM – 04:00 PM
Tue, Thu, Sat
12:00 PM – 06:00 PM

Fees : ₹3000

Good Hope Diabetes & Thyroid Clinic, Matunga, Mumbai

Mon, Wed, Fri
04:00 PM – 07:00 PM

Fees : ₹3000


Dr. Beswal stands as a beacon of expertise in the realm of diabetes and metabolic diseases, serving as a
Consultant at Sir HN Reliance Hospital, South Mumbai. His journey from prestigious medical education in Mumbai
to honing his skills in the UK reflects a commitment to excellence in patient care. Founder of Good Hope
Diabetes Clinics, Dr. Beswal’s systematic approach, enriched by international exposure and research, sets him
apart in the field.

Education and Training :

Graduating from GS Medical College & KEM Hospital, Mumbai, Dr. Beswal embarked on a transformative journey to
the UK for Specialist Training. Accumulating seven years of clinical experience, he delved deeper into the
intricacies of diabetes care, supplemented by a Post Doctoral Fellowship in Diabetology. This amalgamation of
academic rigor and practical exposure laid the foundation for his distinguished career.

Clinical Expertise :

Drawing from his rich experiences in both the UK and India, Dr. Beswal brings forth a nuanced understanding of
diabetes management. Embracing best practices and international standards, his approach to patient care is
characterized by a blend of precision and personalization. Dr. Beswal specializes in advanced diabetes
technologies, including Insulin Pump Therapy, Ambulatory Glucose Monitoring, and specialized care for diabetes
in Pregnancy and Children.

Contributions to the Field :

Dr. Beswal’s contributions extend beyond clinical practice. His authorship of a book chapter on ‘DPP-4
Inhibitors’ in ‘World Clinics of Diabetology’ underscores his scholarly engagement. Additionally, his research
and thesis on FS-IVGTT reflect a commitment to advancing the understanding of metabolic disorders. Dr. Beswal’s
presence as a speaker at national and international conferences highlights his stature as a thought leader in
the field. Moreover, his role in conducting audits under Clinic Governance in NHS, UK, underscores a
dedication to quality assurance and continuous improvement.

Impact and Outreach :

Beyond the confines of hospital walls, Dr. Beswal’s influence permeates through various avenues. Regularly
invited to deliver lectures and train general physicians, he plays a pivotal role in disseminating knowledge
and fostering a culture of excellence in diabetes care. The establishment of Good Hope Diabetes Clinics
further amplifies his impact, bringing cutting-edge care closer to communities in South Mumbai.

Conclusion :

Dr. Beswal’s journey epitomizes a systematic approach to diabetes care, guided by a relentless pursuit of
excellence and a commitment to patient welfare. His expertise, honed through a combination of education,
training, and hands-on experience, continues to inspire and transform the landscape of diabetes management in
India. As a Consultant, author, researcher, and educator, Dr. Beswal’s legacy stands as a testament to the
power of knowledge and compassion in combating metabolic diseases.

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