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MD – Physician, General Physician,

Special Interest in Diabetology

22 Years Experience Overall

Address :

Diabetes Medical Centre- House no : 6, Kambar St, off Nelson Manickam Road, Rajaram Mehta Nagar,

Diabetes Medical Center, #3/26, Shenoy Nagar, Pulla Avenue, Landmark: Near Sbi ATM., Chennai


Phone : 7947117502

Timings & Fees : 

Diabetes Medical Centre, Shenoy Nagar, Chennai

Mon – Sat
06:00 PM – 08:55 PM

Fees : ₹300

Diabetes Medical Centre (Humanitarian Health Care), Aminjikarai, Chennai

Mon – Sat
09:00 PM – 10:30 PM

Fees : ₹300


Dr. P. Selvakumar is a highly respected Consultant Physician, Diabetologist, and General Physician based
in Aminjikarai, Chennai. With over 22 years of dedicated experience in these fields, Dr. Selvakumar has
established a reputation for his expertise and compassionate care.

Clinical Practice :

Dr. Selvakumar is affiliated with two prominent medical centers in Chennai :

Diabetes Medical Centre (Humanitarian Health Care), Aminjikarai : This center is known for its
comprehensive diabetes care and management, where Dr. Selvakumar provides specialized treatment to
Diabetes Medical Center, Shenoy Nagar : Another esteemed institution where Dr. Selvakumar extends his
services, focusing on both general and specialized diabetes care.

Educational Qualifications :

Dr. Selvakumar’s educational background is distinguished by :

MD in General Medicine from I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, completed in 2002. This rigorous program
has provided him with a solid foundation in medical science and clinical practice.

Professional Affiliations :

Dr. Selvakumar is actively involved in several professional organizations, which reflects his commitment
to staying current with medical advancements and contributing to the healthcare community :

Indian Medical Association (IMA) : A national body advocating for the interests of the medical profession
and ensuring high standards of medical practice.
Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI) : A key organization dedicated to the study
and management of diabetes, where Dr. Selvakumar is an active member.
MHSE : Membership in this organization further underscores his dedication to medical excellence and
continuous learning.

Services Offered :

Dr. Selvakumar provides a wide range of services, particularly focusing on diabetes management. His areas
of expertise include :

Insulin Treatment : Offering comprehensive insulin therapy for diabetes patients, ensuring they manage
their condition effectively.
Type 1 Diabetes Treatment : Specialized care for patients with Type 1 diabetes, tailored to their unique
Diabetes Management : Comprehensive management plans that include lifestyle changes, medication, and
continuous monitoring.
Diabetes in Children : Specialized treatment protocols for managing diabetes in pediatric patients,
addressing the unique challenges they face.

Conclusion :

Dr. P. Selvakumar’s extensive experience, coupled with his specialized training and active involvement in
professional organizations, makes him a leading figure in diabetes and general medicine in Chennai. His
dedication to patient care and his comprehensive approach to managing diabetes have made significant
impacts on the lives of many. Patients seeking expert care in diabetes management can rely on
Dr. Selvakumar’s profound knowledge and compassionate approach.

Book your appointment today and experience the pinnacle of personalized treatment & care with Dr. P. Selvakumar.

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