Top Diabetic Foot Care Doctor in Mahim, Mumbai | Dr. R. B. Phatak

MBBS, MD – Medicine, Internal Medicine,

General Physician, Special Interest in Diabetology

40 Years Experience Overall  (39 years as specialist)

Address :

S L Raheja Fortis Hospital,

Raheja Rugnalaya Marg.,

Landmark: Opposite St. Xaviers College,



Timings & Fees :

Thu, Sat
11:00 AM – 01:00 PM

Fees : ₹2500


Dr. R B Phatak stands as a cornerstone of excellence in the field of Diabetology, serving as a Consultant at
the department of Diabetology at S. L. Raheja (A Fortis Associate) Hospital in Mahim, Mumbai. With over two
decades of experience, Dr. Phatak has established himself as a trusted healthcare provider, dedicated to
providing optimal care to patients suffering from diabetes-related diseases. His commitment to promoting health
awareness and advocating for a healthy lifestyle underscores his holistic approach to patient care.

Experience and Expertise :

Dr. R B Phatak’s journey in Diabetology spans over two decades, during which he has treated numerous patients
with compassion and expertise. His tenure at S. L. Raheja (A Fortis Associate) Hospital has allowed him to hone
his skills and develop a deep understanding of diabetes management. Dr. Phatak’s unwavering dedication to his
patients ensures that each individual receives the highest standard of medical care tailored to their specific

Research and Publications :

Dr. R B Phatak’s contributions to the field of Diabetology extend beyond clinical practice. He has published
several papers in esteemed medical journals both in India and abroad, showcasing his commitment to advancing
medical knowledge and sharing insights gained from his extensive experience. By disseminating his findings,
Dr. Phatak enriches the medical community and contributes to ongoing efforts to improve diabetes care

Membership in Medical Associations :

As a testament to his expertise and standing in the medical community, Dr. R B Phatak is a member of
prestigious medical associations. His affiliation with these organizations not only reflects his professional
achievements but also provides him with opportunities for continuous learning and collaboration with fellow
experts in the field. Through active participation in medical associations, Dr. Phatak stays abreast of the
latest developments in Diabetology and ensures that his patients benefit from cutting-edge treatments and

Advocacy for Health Awareness :

Dr. R B Phatak firmly believes in the importance of promoting health awareness and advocating for a healthy
lifestyle. Beyond treating individual patients, he endeavors to educate the community about the prevention and
management of diabetes through various channels. Whether through public seminars, media engagements, or
community outreach programs, Dr. Phatak strives to empower individuals to take control of their health and make
informed choices that promote overall well-being.

Conclusion :

Dr. R B Phatak’s exemplary career in Diabetology epitomizes dedication, expertise, and compassion. As a
Consultant at S. L. Raheja (A Fortis Associate) Hospital in Mahim, Mumbai, he has touched the lives of
countless patients, providing them with exemplary care and guidance. Through his research, publications, and
advocacy efforts, Dr. Phatak continues to shape the landscape of Diabetology, inspiring both patients and peers
alike to prioritize health awareness and adopt healthy lifestyles. With his unwavering commitment to
excellence, Dr. Phatak is a beacon of hope for those affected by diabetes, offering not only medical treatment
but also guidance on the path to wellness.

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