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Diabetologist, 49 Years Experience

MD – General Medicine,

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery,

Post Graduate Diploma In Diabetology (PGDD)

Address :

Diabetes & Heart Care Clinic- H2,

Turn Bulls Road, 1st Cross Street,

On Chamiers Road,

Landmark : Next To Canara Bank



Phone : 7942691682

Timings & Fees :

05:30 PM – 08:30 PM
10:30 AM – 01:00 PM

Fees : ₹ 400


Dr. R. Ravindranath stands as a testament to dedication in the medical field, with an illustrious career
spanning 43 years. As both a diabetologist and a general physician, Dr. Ravindranath has continually
updated his knowledge and skills, ensuring he provides the best possible care to his patients. His
professional journey is marked by a profound commitment to improving health outcomes and nurturing
meaningful relationships with those he serves.

A Philosophy of Care :

Dr. Ravindranath’s approach to medicine is encapsulated in his motto: “Care always, cure mostly, and
comfort everybody.” This guiding principle reflects his belief that the essence of medical practice lies
not only in treating diseases but also in alleviating fear and pain, thereby improving the overall
wellbeing of his patients.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation :

Throughout his extensive career, Dr. Ravindranath has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to continuous
learning. By staying abreast of the latest developments in medicine, he ensures that his practice is
informed by the most current research and techniques. This dedication to lifelong learning allows him to
provide genuine and optimal care, tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

Techniques and Treatments :

Dr. Ravindranath employs a range of advanced techniques in his practice, particularly in the management of
diabetes. He combines evidence-based medical interventions with personalized care plans, ensuring that each
patient receives treatment that is both effective and compassionate. His approach includes :

Individualized Patient Care : Crafting customized treatment plans based on a comprehensive understanding of
each patient’s medical history, lifestyle, and preferences.
Education and Empowerment : Educating patients about their conditions and empowering them with the
knowledge to manage their health proactively.
Preventive Care : Emphasizing the importance of preventive measures to mitigate the risk of complications
and promote long-term health.

Building Relationships :

One of Dr. Ravindranath’s favorite aspects of being a doctor is the opportunity to build professional and
personal relationships with his patients. He believes that trust and communication are the cornerstones of
effective healthcare. By fostering a warm and empathetic environment, he ensures that patients feel heard,
respected, and cared for.

Impact and Legacy :

Dr. Ravindranath’s impact on his patients’ lives extends beyond medical treatment. His holistic approach
aims to relieve not only physical ailments but also the psychological burden of illness. This comprehensive
care model has garnered him name and fame, rooted in the genuine relief and comfort he provides to his

Conclusion :

Dr. R. Ravindranath’s 43-year career as a diabetologist and general physician is a testament to his
enduring dedication to patient care. His philosophy of always caring, mostly curing, and comforting
everybody reflects a deep-seated commitment to the health and wellbeing of his patients. Through
continuous learning, advanced techniques, and a genuine approach to patient relationships,
Dr. Ravindranath has built a legacy of excellence in medicine, marked by the trust and gratitude of those
he serves.

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