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MBBS, 29 Years Experience Overall

Address :

Manipal Hospitals, 26/4,

Brigade Gateway, Malleshwaram West,

Landmark: Beside Metro Cash and Carry West,



Phone : 1800 102 4647

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Mon – Wed, Fri – Sat
09:00 AM – 01:00 PM
03:00 PM – 05:00 PM


Dr. Rajeswari Janakiraman stands as a beacon of trust and expertise in the realm of endocrinology in
Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore. With 23 years of dedicated practice under her belt, she has garnered a reputation for
her extensive qualifications, clinical acumen, and compassionate patient care. Her affiliation with Columbia
Asia Referral Hospital-Yeshwanthpur further solidifies her commitment to providing top-notch healthcare
services to her patients.

Qualifications and Experience :

Dr. Rajeswari Janakiraman is a highly qualified professional, holding degrees of MBBS, MD, and DM in
endocrinology. Her academic credentials reflect a strong foundation in medical sciences, supplemented by
specialized training in endocrinology. With over two decades of experience, she has honed her skills through
rigorous clinical practice and continuous learning.

Throughout her career, Dr. Rajeswari has garnered invaluable experience from her tenure at reputed national
and international medical centers. This exposure has enriched her understanding of diverse endocrine disorders
and equipped her with a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment.

Patient-Centric Approach :

One of Dr. Rajeswari’s defining attributes is her patient-centric approach to healthcare. She possesses a warm
demeanor and a calm disposition, which instantly puts her patients at ease. Her ability to listen attentively
to their concerns fosters a trusting doctor-patient relationship, vital for effective medical care.

Furthermore, Dr. Rajeswari is adept at translating complex medical jargon into simple language that patients
can comprehend. She believes in empowering her patients with knowledge about their condition and treatment
options, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their health.

Evidence-Based Treatment :

Dr. Rajeswari Janakiraman is renowned for her evidence-based approach to treatment. She stays abreast of the
latest advancements in endocrinology through ongoing education and research, ensuring that her practice remains
aligned with the best medical practices.

Before initiating any treatment plan, Dr. Rajeswari conducts a thorough assessment, utilizing state-of-the-art
diagnostic tools and techniques. She then formulates personalized treatment strategies tailored to meet the
unique needs of each patient. Throughout the treatment process, she maintains open communication with her
patients, providing them with regular updates on their progress and addressing any concerns that may arise.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, Dr. Rajeswari Janakiraman epitomizes excellence in the field of endocrinology. With her stellar
qualifications, extensive experience, and patient-centered approach, she has emerged as a trusted healthcare
provider in Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore. Patients seeking specialized care for endocrine disorders can rest assured
that they are in capable hands under her care at Columbia Asia Referral Hospital-Yeshwanthpur. Dr. Rajeswari’s
unwavering commitment to delivering quality healthcare underscores her dedication to improving the lives of her
patients, one diagnosis and treatment at a time.

Book your appointment today and experience the pinnacle of personalized endocrine care with Dr. Rajeshwari Janakiraman.


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