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DNB – Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism, MBBS, MD – General Medicine,

DNB – General Medicine, Endocrinologist, Diabetologist,

Consultant Physician

12 Years Experience Overall  (10 years as specialist)

Address :

Supreme Clinic- Plot Number 29, Rushabh Corner, Sector-28, Mhalsakant Chowk, Pradhikaran,
Landmark: Near Ganesh Mandir, Pune

Jupiter Hospital- Baner- Pimple Nilakh Road, Landmark: Near Prathamesh Park, Pune

Niramaya Hospital- 4742, Landmark: Next to Chinchwad East Post Office, Behind Jai Hind Petrol Pump, Pune


Phone : 099234 62661

Timings & Fees :

Supreme Clinic, Akurdi, Pune

Mon – Tue, Fri
10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
01:30 PM – 05:30 PM
Wed – Thu
10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
04:00 PM – 05:30 PM
09:00 AM – 01:00 PM
01:30 PM – 05:00 PM

Fees : ₹700

Jupiter Hospital, Baner, Pune

02:00 PM – 04:00 PM

Fees : ₹1000

Niramaya Hospital, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune


Fees : ₹700


Dr. Vinayak Harale stands as a beacon in the realm of endocrinology, leveraging his expertise and passion to
raise awareness about diabetes and other endocrine disorders. Through his extensive experience and commitment,
he has become a prominent figure in the medical community, advocating for patient education and spreading
knowledge across various professional platforms.

Professional Lectures :

Dr. Vinayak Harale’s dedication to disseminating knowledge is evident through his frequent appearances as a
speaker at numerous professional forums. By sharing his insights and expertise, he not only educates fellow
healthcare professionals but also empowers patients with valuable information regarding endocrine disorders,
particularly diabetes. His lectures serve as crucial platforms for discussing advancements in endocrinology
and fostering collaboration within the medical community.

Diabetes Awareness :

Among Dr. Harale’s primary objectives is the promotion of diabetes awareness. Recognizing the growing
prevalence and impact of this metabolic disorder, he endeavors to educate individuals about its causes,
symptoms, and management strategies. By raising awareness, he aims to empower people to make informed lifestyle
choices, thereby reducing the burden of diabetes and its associated complications on society.

Specialized Interest Areas :

While Dr. Vinayak Harale possesses expertise in general endocrinology, his specialized interests encompass a
diverse range of disorders. These include:

Pituitary Disorders : Dr. Harale delves into the complexities of pituitary disorders, addressing issues related
to hormone imbalances and their effects on overall health.
Adrenal Disorders : His expertise extends to the diagnosis and management of adrenal disorders, encompassing
conditions such as Addison’s disease and Cushing’s syndrome.
Growth Disorders : Dr. Harale plays a pivotal role in evaluating and treating growth disorders, ensuring
optimal growth and development in pediatric patients.
Osteoporosis : With a keen focus on bone health, he addresses the prevention and management of osteoporosis, a
condition characterized by reduced bone density and increased fracture risk.
Reproductive Disorders : Dr. Harale provides comprehensive care for reproductive disorders, including
polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), hirsutism, and menopause. He emphasizes personalized treatment approaches to
address the unique needs of each patient.

Conclusion :

Dr. Vinayak Harale’s multifaceted contributions to endocrinology encompass professional lectures, diabetes
awareness initiatives, and specialized expertise in various endocrine disorders. Through his unwavering
commitment to patient education and advocacy, he continues to make significant strides in improving the
understanding and management of endocrine conditions, thereby enhancing the quality of care for individuals
affected by these disorders.

Book your appointment today and experience the pinnacle of personalized endocrine care with Dr. Vinayak Harale.



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