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DM – Endocrinology, MD – General Medicine, MBBS

Endocrinologist, Diabetologist

16 Years Experience Overall  (7 years as specialist)

Address :

Manipal Hospital, Kirloskar Business Park, Bellary Road, Landmark: Opposite Dairy Form & Near Esteem Mall,

Dr Ramana Rao Clinic, 94/H, 9th Cross, 13th Main, Rajmahal Vilas Extension, Landmark: Near Sadashivanagar
Low Level Park, Bangalore


Phone : 1800 102 4647 / 080 2361 6666

Timings & Fees : 

Manipal Hospital, Hebbal, Bangalore

Mon – Sat
09:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Fees : ₹1090

Dr Ramana Rao Clinic, RMV Extension, Bangalore

Mon – Fri
12:30 AM – 01:45 PM
04:00 PM – 05:30 PM
12:30 PM – 02:00 PM

Fees : ₹1000



Dr. Abhijit Bhograj stands as a trusted name in the field of endocrinology, renowned for his expertise and
compassionate patient care. With 16 years of dedicated service, he has garnered a reputation for excellence,
earning the trust and gratitude of numerous patients. His extensive training and commitment to staying abreast
of the latest advancements ensure that he delivers the highest standard of care to his patients.

Education and Training :

Dr. Abhijit Bhograj’s academic journey began with a degree in MBBS from JSS Medical College, Mysore, India, in
2008, laying the foundation for his illustrious career. He furthered his education by pursuing MD in Internal
Medicine from JSS University, Mysore, in 2012, where he honed his diagnostic and management skills. Driven by
a passion for endocrinology, he pursued specialized training, culminating in a DM in Endocrinology from
M S Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore, in 2016.

Clinical Excellence :

Dr. Abhijit Bhograj’s clinical acumen and dedication to patient welfare have been the cornerstone of his
practice. Throughout his 16-year journey as an endocrinologist, he has served at Manipal Hospital, Hebbal,
Bangalore, where he continues to provide exemplary care to his patients. His proficiency as an endocrine
surgeon reflects his commitment to offering comprehensive treatment solutions tailored to each patient’s
unique needs.

Areas of Expertise :

Dr. Abhijit Bhograj’s expertise spans a wide spectrum of endocrine disorders, including:

Diabetes Management : Proficient in the diagnosis and management of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, emphasizing
personalized treatment plans and lifestyle modifications.

Thyroid Disorders : Skilled in evaluating and treating thyroid conditions such as hypo- and hyperthyroidism,
thyroid nodules, and thyroid cancers.

Hormonal Imbalance : Specializes in addressing hormonal imbalances affecting various systems of the body,
ensuring hormonal optimization and symptom relief.

Endocrine Surgery : Possesses adept surgical skills in managing endocrine conditions that require surgical
intervention, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients.

Metabolic Disorders : Offers comprehensive management strategies for metabolic disorders such as obesity,
dyslipidemia, and metabolic syndrome, focusing on lifestyle modifications and pharmacotherapy.

Pituitary Disorders : Expertise in diagnosing and managing pituitary disorders, including pituitary adenomas and
hormonal dysregulation.

Adrenal Disorders : Proficient in evaluating and treating adrenal disorders, including adrenal insufficiency,
Cushing’s syndrome, and adrenal tumors.

Reproductive Endocrinology : Addresses hormonal imbalances affecting reproductive health, including infertility,
polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and disorders of sexual development.


Dr. Abhijit Bhograj’s unwavering commitment to patient care, coupled with his extensive training and expertise,
makes him a trusted figure in the field of endocrinology. With a focus on delivering personalized,
evidence-based care, he continues to make a positive impact on the lives of his patients, helping them achieve
optimal health and well-being. His dedication to excellence serves as a testament to his passion for improving
the lives of those affected by endocrine disorders in Bangalore and beyond.

Book your appointment today and experience the pinnacle of personalized endocrine care with Dr. Abhijit Bhograj.

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