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MD – General Medicine, MBBS, Consultant Physician,

Special Interest in Diabetology

23 Years Experience Overall  (20 years as specialist)

Address :

Life Care Clinic

Number- 1/1, N C Complex,

3rd A Main, Sultanpalya Main Road,

Landmark: Near Rashmi Electronics,



Phone : 099723 08981

Timings & Fees :

Mon – Sat
12:30 PM – 01:30 PM

Fees : ₹400


Dr. L. Sreenivasamurthy stands as a pillar of expertise and leadership in the field of diabetology, with an
illustrious career spanning over 16 years. Renowned for his exceptional clinical acumen, dedication to patient
care, and prowess in healthcare administration, Dr. Sreenivasamurthy has made significant contributions to the
advancement of medical practice and patient welfare. His vast experience in medical consultation, research
studies, and hospital administration, coupled with his commitment to academic excellence, underscores his
status as a leader in the healthcare community.

Clinical Excellence and Patient Care :

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, Dr. Sreenivasamurthy has garnered extensive experience in managing
diverse medical conditions, particularly in diabetology. His expertise extends to providing comprehensive
medical consultation and health care advisory services, with a focus on delivering personalized care tailored
to the individual needs of each patient. Dr. Sreenivasamurthy’s ability to handle intensively sick patients and
perform procedures on high-risk individuals speaks volumes about his clinical competence and dedication to
patient welfare.

Leadership in Hospital Administration :

Dr. Sreenivasamurthy has demonstrated exemplary leadership skills in hospital administration, leading and
managing medical surgeries with precision and effectiveness. His strategic vision and ability to drive organic
growth have contributed significantly to the success and expansion of healthcare facilities under his purview.
Dr. Sreenivasamurthy’s leadership prowess extends beyond the operating room, as he excels in discharging
related functions essential for the smooth functioning of medical institutions.

Academic Excellence and Research Contributions :

As a seasoned academician, Dr. Sreenivasamurthy has made significant contributions to medical education and
research. His vast teaching experience spans both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, where he imparts
invaluable knowledge and skills to aspiring medical professionals. Moreover, Dr. Sreenivasamurthy’s involvement
in over 60 multinational clinical trials and his participation in national and international conferences
underscore his commitment to advancing medical science and improving patient outcomes.

Regulatory Compliance and Professional Affiliations :

Dr. Sreenivasamurthy’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of medical practice is evident in his
successful navigation through a US FDA audit. His meticulous attention to regulatory compliance reflects his
dedication to ensuring patient safety and quality care. Furthermore, Dr. Sreenivasamurthy’s past executive
committee membership in the Association of Physicians of India, Karnataka Chapter, highlights his active
involvement in shaping healthcare policies and practices at the regional level.

Communication and Analytical Skills :

In addition to his clinical and administrative prowess, Dr. Sreenivasamurthy is known for his strong
communication skills, analytical ability, and ability to perform under stress and strenuous conditions. His
ability to effectively communicate complex medical concepts, coupled with his astute analytical capabilities,
enables him to navigate challenging clinical scenarios with confidence and precision.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, Dr. L. Sreenivasamurthy epitomizes excellence in diabetology and healthcare leadership. His vast
experience, clinical expertise, and dedication to patient care have positioned him as a trusted authority in
the medical community. Dr. Sreenivasamurthy’s contributions to medical education, research, and hospital
administration have not only transformed the lives of countless patients but also paved the way for innovation
and excellence in healthcare delivery. As a visionary leader and compassionate physician, Dr. Sreenivasamurthy
continues to inspire and elevate standards of care, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of modern

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