Rajesh Kesari - Member Governing Council - RSSDI Delhi Chapter | LinkedIn

MD – Physician, General Physician

28 Years Experience Overall

Address :

Total Care Control,  B294, New Ashok nagar

opposite main gate eastend appartment

and metro pillar number 159,

Landmark: New Ashok nagar

near metro station, Delhi


Phone : 098997 64447

Timings & Fees :

Mon – Sat
10:00 AM – 02:00 PM

Fees : ₹500



In the realm of healthcare, Dr. Rajesh Kesari stands as a beacon of dedication and compassion, championing the
cause of holistic care for individuals grappling with diabetes, chronic lifestyle diseases, and their
associated complications. With a steadfast commitment to treating patients as whole individuals, Dr. Kesari
emphasizes the importance of addressing root causes and fostering mental and physical well-being to achieve
true happiness and contentment in life.

Philosophy of Care :

At the core of Dr. Kesari’s approach lies a profound belief in treating patients in totality, rather than
merely addressing isolated symptoms or diseases. He recognizes that the journey to optimal health involves more
than just managing physical ailments; it entails nurturing a healthy mind and body to unlock the keys to
long-term well-being. With this philosophy as his guiding principle, Dr. Kesari prioritizes counseling as a
cornerstone of his treatment strategy, leveraging his expertise to empower patients with the knowledge and
guidance needed to navigate their health challenges effectively.

Focus on Prevention and Root Cause Resolution :

Dr. Rajesh Kesari’s mantra revolves around striking at the root cause of diseases, particularly those stemming
from chronic lifestyle factors such as poor dietary habits, sedentary lifestyles, and stress. By addressing
these underlying factors, Dr. Kesari empowers patients to take proactive steps towards prevention and
management, thereby reducing the risk of complications and enhancing overall quality of life. He firmly
believes that with appropriate guidance and care, many conditions can be controlled even without medications,
paving the way for sustainable health outcomes and lasting wellness.

Strength in Counseling :

A distinguishing feature of Dr. Kesari’s practice is his emphasis on counseling as a fundamental aspect of
patient care. Recognizing that effective communication and support are essential components of successful
treatment, Dr. Kesari leverages his strong counseling skills to educate, motivate, and empower patients on
their journey to better health. By fostering open dialogue and providing personalized guidance, he enables
patients to make informed decisions and implement positive lifestyle changes that contribute to their overall

Patient-Centric Approach :

Central to Dr. Kesari’s practice is a patient-centric ethos, rooted in empathy, respect, and genuine concern
for the welfare of his patients. He takes the time to listen to their concerns, understand their unique needs
and preferences, and collaborate with them to develop tailored treatment plans that align with their goals and
aspirations. Through his unwavering dedication to providing compassionate and comprehensive care, Dr. Kesari
strives to instill confidence, hope, and resilience in every individual he serves.

Conclusion :

Dr. Rajesh Kesari’s unwavering commitment to the best care of patients with diabetes, chronic lifestyle
diseases, and their complications transcends conventional medical practice. With his holistic approach,
emphasis on prevention and root cause resolution, and strength in counseling, Dr. Kesari embodies the essence
of compassionate and patient-centered healthcare. As he continues to advocate for the well-being of his
patients, Dr. Kesari leaves an indelible mark on the lives he touches, inspiring them to embrace a path of
wellness and fulfillment.

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