Tarun Jain

MBBS, General Physician, Special Interest in Diabetology

16 Years Experience Overall

Address :

Apex Hospitals Kandivali, Akurli Road, Landmark: Near Lodha Woods, Mumbai

Dr jain’s Diabetes Center, Shop No 2, Hare Ram Hare Krishna Building, Akurli X Rd No 1, Mumbai


Phone : 022 2887 1443

Timings & Fees :

Apex Hospitals Kandivali, Mumbai

Tue, Thu, Sat
09:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Fees : ₹1000

Dr jain’s Diabetes Center, Mumbai

Mon – Sat
09:00 AM – 01:00 PM
06:00 PM – 09:00 PM

Fees : ₹500


Dr. Tarun Jain, a renowned General Physician based in Kandivali, Mumbai, has garnered acclaim for his expertise
in diabetes management. With over 12 years of experience and a Diploma in Diabetology, Dr. Jain has emerged as
a leading figure in the field. His dedication to patient care and innovative approaches to treatment have
earned him widespread recognition.

Professional Background :

Dr. Tarun Jain boasts a wealth of experience spanning more than a decade in the field of General Medicine.
His specialized training in Diabetology equips him with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively
manage diabetes and related conditions.

Clinic and Practice :

Patients seeking expert care for diabetes and metabolic disorders can consult Dr. Tarun Jain at Dr. Jain’s
Diabetes and Metabolic Clinic in Kandivali, Mumbai.
The clinic serves as a hub for comprehensive diabetes care, offering personalized treatment plans tailored to
individual needs.

Expertise in Diabetes Management :

Dr. Jain’s expertise extends beyond routine diabetes care to include the management of difficult-to-treat,
uncontrolled diabetes cases.
His nuanced understanding of the disease allows him to formulate specialized treatment strategies aimed at
achieving optimal outcomes for patients.

Contribution to Medical Community :

Dr. Tarun Jain is actively involved in the medical community, having presented and participated in various
national and international conferences.
His contributions to medical discourse help advance the understanding and management of diabetes on a global

Patient-Centric Approach :

At Dr. Jain’s Diabetes and Metabolic Clinic, patient satisfaction is paramount.
Dr. Jain adopts a patient-centric approach, prioritizing open communication, empathy, and collaboration in the
treatment process.

Innovation and Research :

Dr. Jain remains at the forefront of innovation in diabetes management, continuously exploring new treatment
modalities and technologies.
His commitment to ongoing research ensures that patients receive the most up-to-date and effective care

Vision for the Future :

As a pioneering figure in diabetes care, Dr. Tarun Jain envisions a future where the burden of diabetes is
alleviated through proactive prevention and cutting-edge treatment.
He remains dedicated to his mission of improving the lives of individuals living with diabetes, one patient at
a time.

Conclusion :

Dr. Tarun Jain’s steadfast commitment to excellence in diabetes management has established him as a trusted
authority in the field. Through his clinical expertise, dedication to research, and patient-centered approach,
Dr. Jain continues to redefine the standard of care for individuals with diabetes. As he looks towards the
future, Dr. Jain remains unwavering in his pursuit of better outcomes and improved quality of life for his

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