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MBBS, General Physician

40 Years Experience Overall

Address :

Dr Midha’s National Clinic,

109,Yashica Heart Care Centre,

Town Square Shopping Center,

Landmark: Above Dorabjee,



Phone : 092255 20055

Timings & Fees :

Mon – Fri
10:00 AM – 02:30 PM
05:00 PM – 08:00 PM
10:00 AM – 03:00 PM
05:00 PM – 08:30 PM
11:00 AM – 02:00 PM
05:00 PM – 09:00 PM

Fees : ₹550


In the realm of healthcare, the role of a general physician holds paramount importance, serving as a
cornerstone for comprehensive medical care and holistic well-being. Dr. Vinod Midha emerges as a stalwart in
this domain, embodying versatility, compassion, and expertise honed over four decades of dedicated service.
Recognized as a leading practitioner in and around Pune, Dr. Midha’s unwavering commitment to patient-centered
care and clinical excellence sets him apart as a trusted ally in navigating health challenges with precision
and compassion.

Versatility in General Health Issues :

Dr. Vinod Midha’s extensive experience as a general physician spans a diverse spectrum of health issues,
ranging from routine primary care to complex medical conditions. With a keen focus on preventive medicine and
early intervention, he addresses a myriad of general health concerns with meticulous attention to detail and
personalized care. From routine check-ups to the management of chronic conditions, Dr. Midha’s versatile
approach ensures that patients receive comprehensive healthcare services tailored to their individual needs
and preferences.

Expertise in Infectious Diseases :

Infectious diseases pose significant challenges to public health, requiring prompt diagnosis, targeted
treatment, and effective management strategies. Dr. Midha’s expertise in infectious diseases is rooted in a
deep understanding of pathophysiology, epidemiology, and antimicrobial therapy. Whether addressing viral,
bacterial, or fungal infections, he adopts a multidisciplinary approach aimed at controlling the spread of
disease and promoting optimal patient outcomes. Through evidence-based interventions and compassionate care,
Dr. Midha remains at the forefront of infectious disease management, safeguarding the health and well-being of
his patients.

Specialization in Rheumatology :

Rheumatologic conditions encompass a diverse array of autoimmune disorders and musculoskeletal diseases,
presenting complex diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. Dr. Vinod Midha’s specialization in rheumatology is
characterized by a comprehensive understanding of disease mechanisms, clinical manifestations, and therapeutic
modalities. From rheumatoid arthritis to systemic lupus erythematosus, he employs a personalized approach to
disease management, emphasizing symptom control, functional preservation, and quality of life enhancement.
With a commitment to patient education and empowerment, Dr. Midha empowers individuals to actively participate
in their rheumatologic care journey, fostering a sense of agency and well-being.

Dedication to Diabetes and Cardiac Diseases :

Diabetes and cardiac diseases represent two major public health concerns, necessitating proactive management
strategies to mitigate complications and improve outcomes. Dr. Vinod Midha’s dedication to diabetes and
cardiac diseases is reflected in his comprehensive approach to risk assessment, lifestyle modification, and
pharmacologic management. Through a combination of patient education, dietary counseling, and medication
optimization, he strives to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively manage
these chronic conditions. With a focus on preventive care and multidisciplinary collaboration, Dr. Midha plays
a pivotal role in promoting cardiovascular health and glycemic control within his patient population.

Conclusion :

Dr. Vinod Midha’s illustrious career as a versatile general physician exemplifies a commitment to excellence,
compassion, and patient-centered care. Through his expertise in general health issues, infectious diseases,
rheumatology, diabetes, and cardiac diseases, he navigates the complexities of medical practice with precision
and empathy, earning the trust and admiration of his patients. As a beacon of integrity and clinical
excellence, Dr. Midha continues to make a profound impact on the health and well-being of individuals and
communities, embodying the timeless values of compassionate healthcare delivery.

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